Yasmine Moideen, PhD, LP

May 2019

Dear clients and families,

I will be closing my private practice as of August  2019. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with your families and be part of your care. The decision to make this transition after almost 15 years in private practice was not an easy one. I will miss working with you. The next step in my career will be as part of the team at the Minnesota Autism Center. This is an agency that is active in expanding a broad range of services to the ASD community and I am excited to be part of that change.

Should you be in need of psychotherapy services for your child or yourself, I recommend the following clinics (you will need to check for availability and insurance):

Ellie Family Services: (651) 313-8080 , www.elliefamilyservices.com (children/teens/adults)

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, Psychology Services: www.childrensmn.org/services/care-specialties-departments/behavioral-health-program/ (children and teens)

RECLAIM – LGBTQ youth services: https://www.reclaim.care (teens)

Natalis Psychology www.natalispsychology.com (teens and adults) 

If you need records sent to another provider, please send me an email at mail@yasminemoideen.com.

I wish you and your families well on your journeys!  

With gratitude,